iO U: An Interview
March 24, 2019

Breanna Lind

iO U: An Interview Breanna Lind! Jonders is joined by a member of the Del winner for best new Harold team Breanna Lind from Crocodile Nasties! They take about her home town…
iO U: An Interview
March 17, 2019

Brad Pike

iO U: An Interview Brad Pike! Jonders is joined by Brad Pike! They discuss comic books, comedy and whether or not Brad will give Jonders a haircut.   Brad plays on the…
March 14, 2019

Adal Rifai

Episode 2 Adal Rifai This episode's monologist is Adal Rifai: an improviser/coach/teacher/writer/producer and podcaster in Chicago. From a ghost tour in Savanna to the Forest Gump Bench, join the Armando cast as…
iO U: An Interview
March 10, 2019

Tim Lyons

iO U: An Interview Tim Lyons! Tim Lyons joins Jonders and intern Kelsey for a rip-roaring good time. Jonders asks Tim if he NEEDS to perform, how he got his start in…
iO U: An Interview
February 28, 2019

Jim O’Heir

iO U: An Interview Jim O'Heir Jonders celebrates his birthday by taking a trip down memory lane. Jonders revisits his first ever interview, which originally aired on his football podcast Forward Pass…
iO U: An Interview
February 24, 2019

Joe Morrical

iO U: An Interview Joe Morrical Jonders is joined by Joe Morrical to learn more about his show the Cagematch. Then end up debate Marvel VS. DC, geeking out over their shared love…
February 15, 2019

Charna Halpern

Episode 1 Charna Halpern This episode's monologist is Charna Halpern: the co-founder and Artistic Director of the iO Theater. From walks in the rain forest to jumping out of planes, join the…
iO U: An Interview
February 3, 2019

Steven Plock

iO U: An Interview Steven Plock Jonders asks Steven Plock the tough questions. We learn about the most embarrassing event in Steven's life, if he prefers to perform music over comedy and…