Improv in the dark.

A “Bat” is an improv form in which performers improvise in the dark.

Join the Generation LatinX cast of the Bat for a live podcast recording on the second Friday of each month! Tickets available here.

Karl Bradley, James Bumanglag, Thomas Clune, Louie Cordon, Nikki Kanjiani, Louise Loeb, Adam Mengesha, Laurel Posakony, Sara Savusa, Jesse Pazmiño (Graphic Designer), Mishell Livio (Director/Producer)

With an opening team called “The Telephone” — Producer Mishell Livio asks a bunch of someones to be in the show until she gets one yes, that person is then tasked to ask a plethora of humans until they get a yes … once we get 8 people, we have our team.

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Listen to the teaser below

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