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March 11, 2020


S2 Episode 4 Sippin' The suggestion of Sippin' inspired some dystopian improv. This Generation Latinx Bat episode features: James Bumanglag, Leo Obregon, Sara Savusa, Jerry Gonzalez, Adam Mengesha, Karl Bradley, Thomas P…
The Bat
February 5, 2020


Laundry. Season 2 - Ep2 The suggestion of laundry inspired 2 kids to tackle middle school, a few adults to question their counterfeit ways, and a few teenagers learn the truth from…
The Bat
November 7, 2019

Bentwood 2019

S2 Episode 1 Bentwood 2019 Check out the Generation LatinX debut of The Bat! This episode was recorded live at the 2019 Bentwood Comedy Festival at the iO Theatre. Listen on Google…
The Bat
May 24, 2018

First Kiss

Retired iO Harold team First Kiss smooches us all around the world! Starring: Corey Caldwell, Emily Clouse, Mike Jest, Johnny O'Mara, Jeremy Sender, Noah Smith, Sami Smith, and Anna Weis
The Bat
May 10, 2018

Bad Bear

iO Harold team Bad Bear introduces us to Dr. Freak-Hands and other unique characters. Starring: Brittany Bookbinder, Adam Donnelly, Alan Giles, Elise Jordan, Tammy Rozofsky, Matthew Tucker, and Maggie Winters
The Bat
March 15, 2018

Deepest Professor

For our first episode, a special mash-up of iO performers known as "Deepest Professor" takes us on a wild journey including the hit TV show "Pig Judge." Starring: Mike Brunlieb, Peter Collins,…