Pilot – Just the Gang

Michael McCarthy’s Comedy Lab Podcast

Pilot – Just the Gang

We cannot think of a more befitting first episode than this one! The actual audio and intro was lost at sea, so this is straight from the internal camera mic. Howard was sick and, apparently, we shot this in a podcast studio that had those old-timey cowboy double-hinged saloon doors. No cowboys or gunslingers were harmed during the production of this episode. Enjoy and please don’t forget to rate and review!


Genesis of the writing program

How the 4 classes of the writing program feed into each other

The commercial aspect of the program and its importance to a writer’s career

The S.C.F.C – Sample, Choose, Focus, Commit acronym

What makes a writing program good?

How the WGA ATA stand-off affects new writers

The division of labor in a typical writers’ room

Hollywood Stories – Graham Chapman, Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy

Dailies – Check out Michael’s finished piece here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhoQ0ddaYM4

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