the pitch (EP 1)


Hey y’all, Justin here! Unfortunately due to iO being on hiatus and everything going on we are not able to put out full length episodes but never to fear, Justin’s mediocre comedy is here! For the time being, I’ll be posting very short episodes pitching different pilots, talking about random things and maybe even trying my hand at jokes?! If you wanna help me in this endeavor or help the show continue to happen please subscribe, download, rate, and SHARE US WITH FRIENDS! DM us on Instagram (@tigwpod or @justinborak) if you would like to help me out with these short form episodes because I would love to collaborate with people, today I had the privedledge to work with one of the best lighting designers in the city of Pittsburgh (also my sister) Paige Borak, follow her on Instagram @paigeborak! Have a great day y’all, stay safe, practice social distancing, and…this is gonna work.

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