But, Where Are You FROM?

But, where are you FROM? A question asked throughout the ages of people that may not fit into the stereotypical “All-American” mold. Join Mishell as she explores the guest’s origins to find out about their upbringing, culture, and where they consider themselves to be from. Produced by Steven Traficanti. Graphics by Jesse Pazmiño.

Generation LatinX is an ensemble of artists with Latin heritage that believes in creating a positive, family-friendly presence across both live and digital entertainment platforms. We strive to diversify both the content and the audiences to build an atmosphere reflective of our culture and point of view.

To submit to be a part of this podcast please contact: GenerationLatinX@gmail.com
For more info about our ensemble, videos, and live show schedule please visit our website at www.GenerationLatinX.com

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