Pappy & Friends Hit the Road

It’s not about where you’re going. It’s about how you got there. Loosely based on the Shotgun, this podcast starts in the middle of a road trip. Join The Chicago Improv Den ensemble Pappy as they take some of their favorite performers on a wild– and improvised– ride.

Catch Pappy live at the iO Theatre in Absolute Blast on Mondays at 8:30pm. Tickets available here.

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Dina Facklis

Dina (creator and director) is the creative director of The Chicago Improv Den and the founder of Virgin Daiquiri and Hot Seat at iO. Her passions include aromatics, true crime, and microsoft excel.

Caroline Easom

Caroline moved to Chicago from North Carolina in 2016. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and iO. She is currently performing in The Pool at iO and Pappy at the Chicago Improv Den

Alex Cadice

A graduate of The Chicago Improv Den, iO, and The Second City Conservatory Program, Alex enjoys playing kickball, TRL-era television, and explaining to his parents what improv is.

Lindsay Chatham

Lindsay loves performing improv and sketch comedy with her friends in Chicago. She is a graduate of The Chicago Improv Den, iO, and the Second City Conservatory Program.

Eric Totheroh

Eric is an improviser at the iO theater (The Pool) and the Chicago Improv Den (Pappy). He is recently married to his beautiful wife Somer, and works as a math teacher at Jane Addams High School in Pilsen.

True Walters

True is a Chicago-based actor and improviser from Denver, Colorado. He is a graduate of the Chicago Imrpov Den program, iO, and Second City Conservatory.

Colin Rourke

Colin is a graduate from iO, The Second City Conservatory and The Chicago Improv Den. You catch him doing sketch and solo material all over Chicago, or watch him perform with his CID team Pappy!

Michael Ribbens

Michael is a nice boy who does improv on a team called Pappy, and funny rap songs under the name Scoochie Boochie. Allergies include trees, grass, and penicillin.

Brooke Hartnett

Brooke is a writer and improviser who lives with her two cats (Frank and Beans). She works at iO and the Music Box and loves her friends Pappy.