Queer Movie Night is a podcast created by two queers who love to watch movies.

Each week, Debra Duncan and Peyton Lynch share some of their favorite films focusing on a queer narrative and discuss their thoughts on what they got right and what they got wrong.

Produced in conjunction with Arcade Audio.

Debra Duncan is a comedian, actor and writer and can be seen regularly performing around Chicago. She’s a co-producer and player in the all LGBTQI+ team, Dreamboat along with being a member of both RANDY and Virgin Daiquiri at iO. In addition, she can be seen in BOYBAND The Musical at the Annoyance Theater and performing music on and off stage with her wife in their band, The Q’s.

Peyton Lynch is an actor, writer and part-time improviser based in Chicago. Formerly a member of the iO Harold team, Hometown and a current player in the all LGBTQI+ team, Dreamboat. Last year he co-wrote and performed in “You’re Invited to Sarah-Jean and Peyton’s Sleepover Party” in Judy’s Beat Lounge at the Second City.

Debra Duncan


Peyton Lynch