This is Gonna Work is a podcast following creator, sound engineer and host Justin Borak as he tries to find a pilot that the iO Podcast Network and the important people that run it are willing to pick up. He has fellow Chicago comedians on in an attempt to strike gold and create a new comedy podcast for the network he loves very much. This new pilot podcast will have new episodes and concepts every week with some of your favorite comedians, follow along and see if Justin ever achieves his dream of finally getting a real show on a real network!

Justin Borak is a comedian and producer from Chicago. You can see him with his improv team, LIAR, and follow them @liarimprov on Instagram. You can also see him DM’ing the new iO Live D&D show, House Of Hero’s, starting on February 21st. Other than doing comedy, you can also see him through his apartment window in Uptown watching The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelors in Paradise or doing marketing for a German Humidifier company.